Pre-Prosthetic Surgery, Vancouver BC

This is concerned with surgical modification of the jaw bone and its surrounding structures to allow the fabrication of a well-fitting, comfortable, and esthetic dental prosthesis of your mouth before the placement of a prosthesis.

A partial or complete denture sits on the jaw bone ridge, so it is very important that the bone be the proper shape and size. The underlying bone might be left sharp and uneven after extraction of one or multiple teeth. For the best fit of a denture, the bone might need to be smoothed out or reshaped. 

One or more of the following procedures might need to be performed in order to prepare your mouth for a denture: bone smoothing and reshaping, removal of excess bone or removal of excess gum tissue.

The eventual goal of pre-prosthetic surgery is to prepare a mouth to receive a dental prosthesis by reshaping and smoothening bony edges. 

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