Office TOUR

Our office is a high-tech digitally equipped practice which utilizing latest technologies in Diagnosis and Treatment Planning.


digital imaging machine, dental implant, CT scan, 3D dental, Denture

ZEISS DENTAL MICROSCOPE, Root Canal Treatment, Endodontist,toothache specialist

Zoom Office Bleaching, teeth whitening, beautiful smile, bright teeth, veneer

digital imaging wand, crown, bridge, veneer, implant

For more information about Office Tour or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jeffrey M.Coil/Endodontist, Dr. Zaeimdar/Prosthodontist, Dr. Korj/Oral Surgeon, Dr. Noroozi/Periodontist or Dr. Rajan Saini/Oral Medicine Oral Pathologist, call our office in Vancouver, BC at Vancouver Dental Specialty Clinic Phone Number 604-336-0958.