Straumann dental implants Vancouver

Straumann dental implants

Straumann dental implants are one of the most well predictable systems with more than 30 years of broad clinical and scientific evidence. They have shown more than 98.8% survival clinical rate in 10 years (average long-term studies on implant survival rates)

Straumann implants and components are manufactured under Swiss precision technology and highest quality standards. Implant surfaces are unique and designed for shorter healing times and better integration to the bone.

Why Choose Straumann Dental Implants?

  • Straumann SLActive® is an advanced implant surface designed to bond faster with bone, reduce healing time and increase the predictability of implant treatment.
  • Straumann Roxolid® is the first Titanium Zirconium alloy designed for dental implants and provides improved strength over Straumann’s Titanium implants, offering a new option for patients with limited bone or narrow spaces between teeth.
  • Worldwide Trust – The Straumann Dental Implant System’s clinical brilliance and Swiss precision engineering have earned the trust of dentists and dental clinicians worldwide, with more than 14 million Straumann implants successfully placed.

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Straumann Implant borne single tooth treatment

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