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When you no longer have natural teeth in your oral cavity, complete dentures are the traditional method to restore function and appearance. Many patients experience difficulty wearing traditional dentures because of poor stability and a loss of chewing functionality. The use of dental implants to improve the stability and retention of dentures is becoming quite popular.

A denture, also known as a complete denture, is an appliance that is inserted in the mouth, replacing natural teeth while providing support for the cheeks and lips.

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What Is the Difference Between Conventional and Immediate Dentures?

The most common dentures are made of acrylic and can be fabricated in two different ways:

  • Conventional denture - typical dentures are made after all teeth have been extracted and the tissues (gums) have healed.
  • Immediate denture - an immediate denture is fabricated and inserted immediately after the teeth have been extracted. The tissues are permitted to heal under the denture.

An upper denture is acrylic, is usually flesh colored, and covers the palate, otherwise known as the roof of your mouth. A lower denture is horseshoe-shaped so that it leaves a comfortable room for your tongue. Denture teeth are either made of plastic, porcelain, or a combination of both. Dentures can be fabricated to fit over endodontically treated teeth and a complete denture can be attached to dental implants to allow for a more secure fit of the appliance.

Over the years, dentures will eventually exhibit wear and tear. At some point, they will need to be replaced, at at least repaired and/or relined in order to accommodate proper jaw alignment. Alignment slowly changes over time as the bone and gum ridges recede or shrink due to the extraction of the teeth. In addition, regularly scheduled dental and denture examinations will be required so that your oral tissues can be assessed for disease, change, or any other condition.

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