Before and After Treatment Photos

The results in the photographs are examples only and do not imply any certainty of the result of a procedure, and all outcomes are subject to the circumstances of the individual patient.

Smile Make Over

Smile Make Over, Upper Front Teeth Veneers

Immediate upper front implants/teeth in one day

Smile Make Over Teeth/Ceramic Veneers

Back Teeth Implants

Complete Dentures

Fixed Implant Denture

Front Teeth Implant Missing Teeth

Front Tooth Implant

Full Mouth Fixed Implant Hybrid prostheses

Full upper and Lower Implant Bridges, Full Mouth implant

Implant to Restore the Jaw Bone and Lost Teeth due to Trauma

Implant Bar Over-Denture on Three Implants

Implant Fixed Lower Denture

Replacement of All Upper Teeth With Fixed Implant Denture

Replacement of Back Teeth with Dental Implants

Replacement of Lower Left Missing Teeth with Implants

Single Implant Front Tooth

Immediate implant upper front case radiographs

Upper Jaw Fixed Implant Denture

Bone Graft for Severely Resobed Jaw Bone

Block bone graft and implant at front tooth

Gum Graft

Gum Graft for root coverage of teeth with gum recession

Bonded Composite Veneer and Ceramic Veneers at Upper Front Teeth

Front Teeth Veneer

Upper Front Teeth Aesthetic Veneers

Upper Front Veneers

Front Teeth Crowns

Front Tooth Crown

Upper Front Teeth Crowns

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth reconstruction for replacement multiple congenital missing teeth

Front Teeth Bridge

immediate denture, bad teeth

Pin Hole Surgery for Gum Recession

Sinus Lift

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