Full Mouth Reconstruction Vancouver

Whether you are suffering from a severe dental condition, or exhibit aesthetic evidence of generalized tooth wear, you may be a candidate for a partial or full mouth reconstruction.

Mouth reconstruction combines esthetics with the science of restorative dentistry to improve the health, function, and beauty of your smile. Crowns (caps), dental bridges, dental veneers and/or dental implants may be used in your partial or full mouth reconstruction.

Full Mouth Reconstruction with Dental and Implant Crowns

Rehabilitation of the oral cavity involves a series of procedures, rather than an individual treatment, and thus a multidisciplinary approach is required. This is where Vancouver Dental Speciality Clinic really shines. Our specialists are experts in differing fields, yet combine to provide patients with the best possible treatment for both typical and complex cases. What conditions may be considered complex? Our Point Grey Vancouver clinic specializes in providing solutions for the following:

  • Replacement of missing (some or all) teeth via dental implants
  • Damaged or fractured teeth
  • Worn down teeth as a result of acid-erosion or conditions such as bulimia
  • And more!

Your New Smile Awaits!

Prosthodontists are the recognized specialists when it comes to the treatments required in mouth reconstruction. Next to providing you with the smile makeover you’ve always dreamed of, our goal is to reduce the need for future dentistry and improve the lifespan of your teeth, and that brand new smile!

For more information about Full Mouth Reconstruction or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Zaeimdar/Prosthodontist, Dr. Jeffrey M.Coil/Endodontist, Dr. Noroozi/ Periodontist or Dr. Rajan Saini/Oral Medicine Oral Pathologist, or our new Oral Surgeon, call our office in Point grey Vancouver, BC at 604-336-0958.

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