Sinus Lift Grafting Surgery in Vancouver

Sinus lift/ elevation for implant placement

One of the main criteria of implant placement for replacement of the upper back teeth is to prevent damage to the sinus floor. In situations that the floor of the sinus is too low, the sinus floor must be elevated and the space must be augmented with bone graft materials to create enough vertical space between the jaw bone and the floor of the sinus for dental implant placement. The bone used in a sinus lift may derived from your own body (autogenous bone), from animal like pig (xenograft), or from a cadaver (allograft bone).

The results in the photographs are examples only and do not imply any certainty of the result of a procedure, and all outcomes are subject to the circumstances of the individual patient.

This procedure is called sinus lift/elevation. A sinus lift surgery usually should be performed by an expert specialist such as a periodontist or an oral surgeon. The healing period for conventional sinus lift procedure is at around 7-9 months and additional 4 months should be considered for integration of the implant too.

Our specialists in “Vancouver Dental Specialty Clinic” use advanced Guided Bone Regeneration (Bone Ring Technique) and implant placement at the same time. This procedure eliminates a long healing period required for conventional approach.

A prefabricated ring of processed allogenic donor bone that is placed press-fit into a trephine drill-prepared ring bed. This is a novel approach for 3D reconstruction of bone and sinus lift allowing a single-stage bone graft and implant placement. The simultaneous implant decreases the surgical steps compared to a usual bone graft, reducing healing time and quicker time-to-teeth. The overall cost and surgical complications will be reduced with this approach.

What are the risks with this procedure?

  • Perforation of the sinus membrane is one of the main complications. If this happens during the procedure, the surgical site must be repaired and another attempt for sinus elevation must be considered after healing of the membrane which usually takes a few months.
  • Infection is a risk of any surgical procedure. However, this rarely occurs after sinus lifts.
  • Failure in integration of grafted bone, in the situation, if there no enough live bone is available for implant placement, the sinus lift procedure and bone graft should be repeated.

Due to complexity of the procedure and sensitivity of the site, it is highly recommended to have this procedure with certified skilled specialists. Our periodontist in Vancouver Dental Specialty clinic is one of the pioneers in bone ring technique (Straumann, Canada) and implant placement in Vancouver, BC.

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