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Incidence of Dental Pulp Complications after Prosthodontic Treatments


There is an agreement in the literature that every step in prosthetic treatments involving insertion of the extra coronal restorations can be a potential risk factor for the health of the pulp. (Seltzer, Bender et al. 1963; Langeland and Langeland 1965; Jackson, Skidmore et al. 1992; Cohen and Burns 2002; Torabinejad, Anderson et al. 2007) These steps including, tooth preparation (Seltzer, Bender et al. 1963; Jackson, Skidmore et al. 1992), core build up, impression techniques, provisionalization, and cementation. (Langeland and Langeland 1965; Jackson, Skidmore et al. 1992) In this article, the incidence of the pulp complications after crown preparation based on the available evidence, essential considerations to avoid these complications during crown fabrication and temporisation are outlined.

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