Digital Implant Dentistry Vancouver

Digital Implants and 3D Imaging for Implant Planning, Placement and Restoration

At Vancouver Dental Speciality Clinic, all dental implant treatments are digitally planned to increase accuracy and precision in implant placement. Predictable outcomes are routinely derived through a coordinated effort between your prosthodontist, surgeon and technician.

We use digital innovations to digitally plan implant placement to receive the most predictable outcome through:

  • Create radiographic and surgical templates from guided surgery software
  • Nerve detection, segmentation and implant placement for prosthetic-driven implant planning with guided surgery software.
  • Precision surgical guided placement using restorative driven three-dimensional imaging and planning allows for more predictable surgical placement.
  • High surface digital impression scanning and CAD/ CAM milling allows for precision design and modeling for improved and accuracy of both the abutment and restorations. Combining these digital technologies allows us to plan and treat the patient in a more efficient manner with more predictable results.

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