All-on-four or all-on-six fixed implant dentures


Reconstruction of the whole upper or lower jaw can be done with either conventional removable dentures or implant fixed supported prostheses.  All-On-4 implant or All-On-6 implant treatment concepts are the fixed prosthodontic procedures for reconstruction of the entire upper or lower jaws.

Who can be the candidate for All-on-four?

Edentulous patients, patients with badly broken/decayed teeth or compromised teeth because of gum disease.

Things To Consider For All-On-4 Implant:

  • Primary Stability of the implants
  • No clenching and grinding
  • Patient cooperation/good hygiene
  • Enough bone in term of the height and width for implant placement
  • Non smoker
  • Controlled Diabetes

What is the difference between All-on-6 and All-on-4?

Although all on four implants is more favorable for most patients but it might not be an ideal approach for many. Every case is different in term of the bone quality/ functional forces.  Some people may need up to 6-8 implants for reconstruction of the whole jaw. Some dentists also refer it to All-on-6 as “All-on-more” when more implants are needed for the whole jaw rehabilitation. Prosthodontists are expert specialists in diagnostic and treatment planning for all-on-four or all-on-more and they can determine how many implants are needed for ideal support of the replacement teeth.

Is there any risks with all-on-four implants?

The major risk if failure of the implants in integrating to the bone that is higher in people who smoke/have diabetes or have lost their teeth because of gum/periodontal disease.



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