Fixed Denture Implants – What You Need to Know

Fixed Denture Implants - Vancouver

Fixed Denture Implants - Vancouver

Even if you’ve done what you can to prevent extraction, it’s a moot point when you’re left without all of your natural teeth. So here you are, living with dentures. But like many, you find that the daily chore of denture maintenance is too cumbersome, not to mention the fact that they don’t feel anything like natural teeth. If you’re ready to make a change and improve your quality of life (and smile) then it’s time to consider a much better alternative – fixed denture implants.

What You Need to Know About Fixed Denture Implants as a Solution to Your Missing Teeth

What Are They?

The same dental implant procedure used for replacing one or two missing tooth is applied, but on a grander scale given that you’re placing all of your upper or lower teeth, or both. Artificial titanium roots are implanted within precise positions along your gum line, considering maximize support factors while avoiding nerves, sinuses and other anatomical structures. An implant supported denture is then affixed/anchored to the implants to restore a full set of teeth. Think of them as traditional dentures, if you must, but ones that you will never have to remove. Of course, they are much better than that. Keep reading.

They Look Like Natural Teeth

Unlike traditional dentures, implant supported dentures/overdentures are manufactured with even greater care, not only for function (more on this below) but to look completely natural. Whether talking, laughing, or grinning wide from ear to ear, not one single soul will be able to tell the difference.

They Feel and Function Like Natural Teeth

Aesthetics are great, but you also want your natural teeth replacement to offer the same feel and biting/chewing function that you enjoyed years before. Fixed denture implants are far superior to traditional dentures in this capacity. Once the implants have fused to your jawbone (via osseointegration), your new permanent teeth have been attached, and your oral cavity has healed (view more on the procedure) you will be able to eat whatever you want. Patients who have received the successful procedure typically report that they forget having fixed denture implants. It really is like the real thing!

They Prevent Atrophy of the Jaw Bone

While traditional dentures can help mitigate short term bone loss when compared to not having anything in place to support your jaw, the pressure on the gum ridge from wearing dentures can actually accelerate the rate of bone loss in the long term. The only way to keep jaw bone atrophy at bay when you’re missing all of your upper or lower teeth, is through fixed denture implants.

Why should you care about jaw bone atrophy? Well, in addition to making it more challenging to receive implants, your face will begin to sag without adequate jaw bone in place. Don’t risk losing your candidacy for dental implants by waiting another day to receive fixed implant dentures.

They Are a Long Term (if not lifetime) Solution for Missing Teeth

Once you receive fixed implant dentures, you have a new set of teeth. Afford them optimal oral heath care and ensure that you receive regular checkups with your dentist from there on in and they will likely last you a lifetime. This really is a life changing procedure.

They Are a More Financially Responsible Solution for Missing Teeth

Let’s be honest, traditional dentures are a thing of the past, and should be relegated there for good. While they may be the cheapest short term option for replacing missing teeth, dentures are not a sustainable financial solution.

Over time, conventional dentures are susceptible to consequential wear and tear. When this occurs, they are less able to acclimate to the realignment of your jaw and become uncomfortable. Without repair, realignment, and eventual replacement you won’t be able to eat properly, and may find that you have a hard time keeping them in place without excessive use of adhesive. The cost of maintenance and/or repair will add up and may eventually exceed that of the one-time investment in fixed implant dentures.

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