Implant Crown Types

Implant crowns are used to restore the surgically placed implant post and are positioned above the gum line. Implant crowns do not get cavities but may chip or be lost due to trauma or grindings. They can be classified in terms of the materials made of or insertion method.

Screw retained vs. cement-retained implant crowns.

Screw-retained crowns are screwed inside the implant post. The screw access hole will then be covered by white filling materials. Retrievability is the main advantage of this type of implant crown. This is the most commonly preferred type of implant crown if the angulation of the implant provides a straight access hole to the implant.

Cement-retained crowns are cemented over the abutment, which is screwed inside the implants. They are recommended when the angulation of the implant is not straight.

What are Implant crowns made of?

Similar to dental crowns, they may be made of Ceramics (such as Zirconia, e max), Gold alloy, or a combination of gold and ceramic. A night guard of highly advised for people with dental implants to protect peri-implant bone and implant crowns.

Cosmetic Implant Dentistry in Vancouver

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