Common Signs That Your Dental Crown May Need Replacing



5 Signs Your Old Dental Crown Needs to be Replaced

Dental crowns provide protection for your teeth. They are a tooth-shaped cap placed over a decayed or fractured tooth. A dental crown is meant to reconstruct the tooth to the original shape. Longevity of a dental crown depends on multiple factors; such as: oral hygiene, quality of the material, amount of the remaining tooth structure, skill and training of the provider. A prosthodontist is an expert specialist with advance training in reconstruction of the damaged/broken/decayed tooth.
When is the time to consider replacement of a dental crown?


There are several factors that trigger pain associated with your dental crown. You may feel pain when your tooth is infected or if a cavity forms. A root canal that is not properly completed before crown placement may also cause pain. Any pain, inflammation or swelling associated with your dental crown warrants an appointment with your dental crown specialist. It is recommended to proceed with the root canal treatment if it is required with an Endodontist/root canal specialist to prevent future infection under a crown.

Caries under crown

Your dental crown isn't immune to dental caries/decay. The transition line between the crown and tooth is at risk of developing cavity if you do not practice a good oral hygiene.

Receding Gum Line

When your gum line recedes and a cavity has formed in the root surface, the option will be to replace your dental crown as a filling won't completely fix it. In some cases, you may need a root canal. Practicing good oral hygiene can help but the best thing you can do is speak with your dentist/prosthodontist to determine if it still can be repaired or of your dental crown needs to be replaced.

Cracked Dental Crown

Gold crowns are durable and rarely breaks. They may last for decades. Porcelain crowns, on the other hand, are likely to crack or chip. Nowadays, with high strength ceramics/Zirconia, there is less possibility of ceramic/porcelain crown fracture. It is important to proceed with dental crowns with expert’s dental crown specialists who use the best porcelain and dental lab for your dental crowns.

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