A Gap Left by a Missing Tooth Can Wreak Havoc on Your Health

A Missing Tooth Can Affect More Than Your Looks

Not Replacing a Lost Tooth Can Cause Poor Health

Spaces left by missing teeth can be embarrassing, but they can also cause health problems. Dental implants are one of the ways you can stay ahead of health risks caused by missing teeth. Whether you have one tooth or all of your teeth replaced with implants, this is the closest thing to your natural teeth and keeping your mouth and jaw safe from many health risks.

Your Jaw Changes When Teeth Are Missing

When you do not replace missing teeth, you run the risk of part of your jaw disintegrating. Without a tooth to give it purpose, your jaw will slowly recede. It could get to the point of altering the look of your face. When there is a space, your other teeth will move to fill it which will cause spaces in other areas of your jaw. A missing lower tooth means the tooth right above it has nothing to meet when you chew. Your upper jaw and the upper tooth will start growing downward into the open space. Total facial misalignment can occur from missing teeth.

Missing Teeth and Stress

Having noticeable spaces between your teeth regardless of how many teeth are missing causes stress in many people. You might feel embarrassed to smile or even talk to people if they can see the condition of your mouth. The Vancouver Dental Implants dentists are specially trained in treating patients who could benefit from having dental implants. Most people who receive the implants notice an immediate change in how they feel about themselves.

Pockets of Infection

A missing tooth, whether from extraction, accident, or other reason, will leave a hole in your gum. This hole can be a breeding ground for germs and infection. It can be difficult to keep all of the bacteria out of this hole, and you could end up with infection getting into your jawbone or spreading through your bloodstream.

Poor Nutrition

It can be difficult to eat the proper foods when you are missing teeth. Your body needs to have proper nutrients to thrive, and if you are not eating healthy foods because you are unable to bite or chew them, your body will suffer. Vitamins can help you to stay healthy, but eating nutritiously is the best thing for you. Vancouver is home to dentists who can help you get your dental problems resolved, and many times the best way to do that is with dental implants.

Crooked Teeth or Loss of More Teeth

Once you lose any of your teeth, you run the risk of losing more of them. They can become loose in your gums without other teeth near them to work together and keep each other in line. In the course of your teeth moving to fill a space, they can start leaning crookedly one way or another and further make you feel less sure about yourself. If they become too loose, they can fall out or make eating more difficult.

Your Vancouver dental implant experts can discuss your options for your dental health.


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