What Are Digital Dentures and How They Work?

Dental Technology has gone through tremendous changes over time. Although both the patient and the dentist profit from digital dental technology advancements, digital techniques are more comfortable and reliable than dental methods used in the past; Digital Dentures are the latest achievement in dental technology.

Here are 6 things you may need to know about digital dentures:

What Are Digital Dentures?

As it comes from the name, digital technologies are used to fabricate dentures from start to finish.
The impressions are made using digital scanning/optical imaging of the mouth (this eliminates using messy, uncomfortable impression materials). Based on these scans, the dentures are designed in a computer, then printed/milled using 3D printing/milling technologies.

What Are Digital Dentures and How They Work?
What Are Digital Dentures and How They Work?
What Are Digital Dentures and How They Work?
What Are Digital Dentures and How They Work?

How are digital dentures made?

The digital file of your jawbone/face will be assessed and used to design the denture base and teeth set up per your esthetics and functional needs using advanced dental software. The digital denture is then crafted and milled out of a solid block of a cured, very hard pink dental resin. This technique is faster and has fewer errors as it is all done by computers.
This resin doesn’t shrink/change as it is milled, which produces a better fit to your palate/mouth tissues than conventional dentures.

How does digital denture look?

The appearance of digital dentures is improved significantly in the last few years. Milled Digital dentures can be designed to look natural, and the digital design also can be saved and used for the duplication of the denture for any reason in the future.

What if I break or lose my digital denture?

With conventional dentures, there would be a need to start overdenture fabrication in the case of losing or breaking your dentures.
But with digital dentures, since your denture design is saved as a digital file, the process is faster and less stressful. Digital dentures are made of a resin that is significantly stronger than the acrylic used in conventional dentures!

How long do digital dentures last?

It is advised to consider replacing conventional dentures every 5-10 years. Digital dentures also need to be changed, but since they are physically stronger than traditional dentures, they survive longer.

Are digital dentures more expensive?

Advanced intraoral digital scanners are needed to capture details of your intraoral tissues/palate. These technologies are very costly and must be replaced and updated every 2-3 years, but it does not necessarily increase the digital denture cost.
Dollar expense apart, digital dentures provide more total value than conventional dentures.

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