Missing Tooth Options: What are the Different Types of Dentures?

Did you know that in the past 40 years, the number of adults with no natural teeth decreased from 23.6% to 6.4% in Canada? This is an incredible percentage drop and it shows how Canadians have placed more importance on oral health.

However, sometimes adults still lose teeth despite following a strong oral hygiene routine. This can lead to challenges with eating or speaking, and it may even cause future oral health problems.

But what missing tooth options are available for Canadians? And how do you even begin to find services for dentures in Vancouver and surrounding areas?

We're here to fill you in. Keep reading below to learn about the dentures procedure process and the types of dentures accessible to patients.

Traditional Full Dentures

Traditional full dentures are used to replace all of a patient's teeth. They're removable and rest atop the gums, staying in place due to the suction. Some patients choose to use denture adhesive to keep the dentures more secure during meals.

If the patient still has remaining teeth, the teeth must be removed or extracted first. The dentures will then be fitted approximately 8-12 weeks after to allow for healing. They are typically made from porcelain or acrylic and feature an acrylic or metal base.

Traditional Partial Dentures

If you're only missing a few teeth, you'll have no problem finding procedures for partial dentures in Vancouver and its surrounding areas. Partial dentures are very common, and they're easily removable.

Partials typically use a two-piece pink acrylic base attached to a metal piece to hold the denture in place. They also help to prevent the surrounding teeth from moving.

Implant-Supported Missing Tooth Options

As you explore missing tooth options, you may see discussion on implants vs. dentures. However, implants are just a variety of dentures applied differently.

Most implant-supported dentures are not removable like traditional dentures. Instead, they're attached via titanium screws that are attached to the jawbone through surgery.

They protect the underlying bone from further wear and are supported by that anchorage, which makes chewing easier than with traditional dentures. They also have a more natural appearance due to this anchorage.


Implant-retained dentures, for example, often replace an entire set of teeth. This allows them to be removed at night and for the gum tissue to rest.


Partial implants are known as implant-supported bridges. They typically replace a few missing teeth in a row and aren't removable. They use surrounding teeth as their main source of support.

Discover the Best-Fitting Dentures in Vancouver

You deserve to feel confident in your smile—and dentures boost that confidence for many dental patients. With the guide above, you'll be able to explore various missing tooth options available through the different types of dentures offered these days!

If you're hoping to get fitted for dentures in Vancouver, the team at Vancouver Dental Specialty Clinic is happy to assist you with the procedures. Contact us or schedule an appointment online to learn how our friendly staff of professionals can help you get started!


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