What Is Digital Dentistry?

Dentistry will always require the ingenuity and touch of highly-trained professionals, but a little computer assistance goes a long way. That's where digital dentistry comes in. Using cutting-edge technology, Vancouver Dental Specialty Clinic is modernizing trips to the dentist.
From scans to impressions and manufacturing dental prostheses, let's take a look at how the exciting field of digital dentistry improves patient care.

Digital Dental Health Scans

To check a patient's oral health, dentists have relied on mirrors for centuries. However, the human mouth is complex and full of nooks and crannies. While a dentist has studied and practiced for years to keep you healthy, they're limited by what they can see in that tiny mirror.

With digital dental health scans, that's no longer an issue. A dentist guides a wand-shaped scanner over your teeth and mouth. Connected to a computer with specialized software, this wand creates a digital scan of your mouth. The end result is a complex digital image that you and your dentist can review and discuss in detail.

For the almost 86% of Canadians that visit the dentist somewhat regularly, this can mean quicker yet more accurate appointments.

Digital Dental Impressions

That's not the only advantage of a digital scan, though. Digital dentistry tools can map out your entire mouth. Like a high-tech GPS system, a dentist uses digital cameras to make 3D renderings of your mouth's intricate landscape.

This oral road-map replaces traditional impression-making methods. Because an estimated 65% of dental impressions sent to labs are unusable and inaccurate, digital impressions are truly revolutionary. While this definitely cuts costs for dental practices, it also passes time and money savings on to patients.

Also, will anyone really miss biting down on a tray of putty?

Digital Crowns

Dental technicians make over 2.3 million dental crowns every year. While dental crowns are an important tool, if they're made wrong, they can be uncomfortable, cut gums and actually change the way you chew. Digital dental crowns reduce the risk of that happening.

Instead of being hand-crafted, digital crowns are made with a 3D printer. They're more form-fitting and if there's an issue later, dentists can fix them much quicker.

Digital Dentures

For patients that need dentures, the process can be very uncomfortable. Older patients may have a hard time biting down on the putty or opening their mouths wide enough. Digital dentistry cuts out those problems with quick, unintrusive scans.

With 3D-printer technology, the whole process is done by computer. Traditionally, a technician would carve denture molds out of wax by hand. With digital dentures, the impression can be loaded into the computer and printed directly from the blueprints — there's little human error to account for. That means more accurate, comfortable dentures.

Find Digital Dentistry in Vancouver

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