What You Need to Know About Pacifiers and Dental Problems

What You Need to Know About Pacifiers and Dental Problems
What You Need to Know About Pacifiers and Dental Problems

Is your baby or toddler using a pacifier to self-soothe? It's normal and instinctual for babies and young children to suck for relaxation. While prolonged pacifier use may cause unwanted dental health side effects, occasional use is okay.
Read this guide to learn when it's the right time to wean your child off their pacifier. And when to bring them in for a dental appointment at the dentist in Kitsilano, Vancouver.

Pacifier Use: How Long Is Ok?

Pacifiers often provide a parent with some relief from a fussy baby. But caregivers should know that pacifier overuse causes pressure in the mouth. This pressure alters the teeth, jaw, and palate development.

This may create medical and cosmetic issues for your child as they grow.

While helpful for brief use, pacifiers may also inhibit the growth and development of the primary teeth. Stop using the pacifier around six months to prevent "pacifier teeth" from forming. Emotional attachments begin to develop around nine months.

Delaying the weening will make it harder for your baby to stop using it. This leads to potential dental problems down the road.

Pacifier Teeth and Dental Health

Long-term pacifier use often causes what's known as pacifier teeth. Pacifier teeth happen when misaligned jaw development forms. Sometimes teeth come in with crowding or an overbite or underbite.

Alignment issues affect the look of a smile. Prolonged pacifier use can cause speech problems by reshaping the mouth. If the jaw or teeth are misaligned, you may need braces.

Sometimes other serious interventions are required to help their dental health.

It's recommended that pacifier use should end before the teeth emerge. There's a risk of changing the shape of the roof or mouth palate if the sucking continues with teeth.

Appointment for Dentist in Kitsilano, Vancouver

Regular cleaning and checkups help prevent needing mouth reconstruction later in life. Making a routine dental appointment allows your dentist to check your mouth’s development. Dentists help with preventative measures to correct any misalignment or dental problems.

Both restorative and cosmetic dental corrections require working with an expert prosthodontist dentist.

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