Bulimia’s Impact on Oral Health: What to Know


Bulimia nervosa is a significant eating disorder that not only affects one's overall health but also takes a considerable toll on oral health and teeth. As your trusted Cosmetic Dentist in Vancouver, we must address this issue comprehensively. This blog will delve into the impact of bulimia on your teeth and gums, providing insights into preventive care and treatment options.

The Basics of Bulimia

Before we look into its dental implications, let's understand Bulimia a bit better. Bulimia involves periods of binge eating followed by behaviours to prevent weight gain, typically induced vomiting. These recurrent cycles wreak havoc on your oral health and teeth over time.

The Direct Impact on Oral Health

The most immediate consequence is the erosion of tooth enamel. Stomach acid, which comes into contact with the teeth during vomiting, is highly erosive. This leads to enamel erosion, increasing sensitivity, discoloration, and an elevated risk of cavities and teeth wear. As a Cosmetic Dentist in Vancouver, we frequently treat enamel erosion caused by bulimic behaviours.

The Long-term Consequences

If left untreated, the long-term effects of bulimia on your oral health can be severe. Aside from the elevated risk of cavities, you may face periodontal disease, gum recession, and even tooth loss in extreme cases. Furthermore, chronic enamel erosion can lead to changes in the shape and length of your teeth, affecting your bite and overall appearance.

Treatment and Dental Interventions

Addressing the oral health concerns stemming from bulimia requires a two-fold approach. First is the immediate treatment of dental issues. At Vancouver Dental Specialty Clinic, this may involve treatments like fluoride application to strengthen the enamel or restorative procedures like veneers and crowns to restore the shape and function of your teeth.

Psychological Aspects and Dental Care

It's crucial to remember that bulimia is a mental health issue. Therefore, its most effective treatment involves tackling the psychological aspects. Working with mental health professionals alongside dental treatment provides a more holistic approach to managing the symptoms and the root cause.

How to Seek Help

If you're dealing with the effects of bulimia on your oral health, it's crucial to consult both mental health professionals and dental care providers. As your Cosmetic Dentist in Vancouver, BC, we can conduct a thorough oral examination to determine the extent of the damage and suggest appropriate treatments.


The detrimental impact of bulimia on oral health is often overlooked but is incredibly significant. The corrosive stomach acids erode tooth enamel, lead to cavities, and can result in gum disease and tooth loss over time. Effective treatment should address these oral symptoms and the underlying psychological factors contributing to the disorder.

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