Dental Implant vs. Dental Bridge: What’s the Difference and Which is Best for You?

By the age of 50, the average American has lost approximately 12 teeth. If you are included in this statistic, you are likely searching for a way to replace the teeth you are missing.

While there are several tooth replacement options to choose from, some of the most popular include fixed bridge crowns and dental implants. The question is, which option is right for you.

In the ongoing debate of implant vs. a bridge, you may wonder which option is best. If this is the case, it’s time to learn more about each tooth replacement option. Keep reading to find out what you need to know to make an educated decision for replacing one or more missing teeth.

Fixed Dental Bridges

If you have one or two teeth that are missing, the fixed bridge can be used to fill in that gap. This is done by grinding down the teeth on each side of the gap which allows crowns to be put over them.

The crowns on each side of the gap form the opposite ends of the bridge, and the replacement teeth form the middle of the bridge. The entire bridge is then cemented to your natural teeth.

Fixed Dental Bridges pros and cons

This tooth replacement option offers some same benefits that dental implants does. They provide:

  • Increased stability for speaking and chewing
  • Look like real teeth
  • Keeps other teeth from moving out of position
  • Proper tooth alignment
  • Preserves your bite
  • Affordable
  • Not easy to clean
  • Need grinding the adjacent teeth
  • Possible long-term damage and overload to adjacent teeth
    There are many reasons to consider this option; however, there’s another one to consider, too.

Dental Implants

Dental implants involve surgery. The support, which is a Titanium cylinder, blade or screw, is surgically placed in your jaw. The metal used for this part of the implant is compatible with your body, and as time passes, the cells fuse to the metal in a process that is called osseointegration.

Once the implant is fused to the bone securely, your dentist will put a prosthetic tooth on top. The connection that results is considered more beneficial and natural to maintain healthy bone.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Some benefits offered by choosing dental implants include:

  • Implants don’t slip or shift
  • Stable replacement option
  • Allows issue-free speaking and chewing
  • Other teeth aren’t needed for support
  • No tooth structure lost
  • Maintain the contour of your face
  • Preserve Bone
  • Keep other teeth from shifting
  • No need to remove (unlike dentures)
  • Need surgical procedure
  • Implant Cost is close to a dental bridge if not bone graft is needed.

Keep in mind, while implants offer an array of benefits, they come with a higher price tag than other tooth replacement options.

Implant vs Dental Bridge: What Option is Right for You?

If you have missing teeth, you may be considering a replacement option. Two of the most popular that are still highly debated are a dental implant vs Dental Bridge. While each option offers benefits, choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

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