Here’s Why You Have a Loose Tooth and What To Do About It

Here’s Why You Have a Loose Tooth and What To Do About It
Here’s Why You Have a Loose Tooth and What To Do About It

Permanent teeth shouldn't move around once they come in at about age six—their stability facilitates their primary function, which is to help us chew food to nourish ourselves. Below, we consider potential causes for wiggly teeth and loose tooth treatment options.

Loose Tooth Causes

Gum Disease

If you're not stringent with your oral hygiene, your gums become inflamed and infected, leading to periodontitis. Periodontal disease involves periodontal bone, where gums separate from teeth and form pockets, which sets the scene for further damage, gum recession, and tooth loss.


This one's a no-brainer. If you were recently on the dance floor and someone elbowed you in the mouth, or if you were playing ball and faceplanted, your loose tooth is probably the result of trauma. Teeth grinding can also damage your teeth. In the case of an injury, you'll want to see your dental specialist ASAP.

Low Bone Density

Your jawbone supports your teeth. Osteoporosis of the jaw bone compromises your periodontal bones and can cause tooth loosening. Let your dentist know about any relevant meds you're on, or the problem could worsen.

Pregnancy and Menopause

Hormones can do a number on your oral health. Whether you're expecting or in the middle of having a hot flash, your body is changing with wide-ranging effects. In more mature women, low estrogen can cause low bone density.

Loose Tooth Treatment

Minor Interventions

  • Scaling and root planning is one of the first treatments your dentist will consider. Professional deep cleaning removes tartar and plaque below the gumline and smoothes the roots of your teeth to promote reattachment.
  • Splinting is another option to save a tooth—your dentist will bond the loose tooth to stable teeth next to it using a metal or white fibre splint.
  • Mouth/Night Guard: Nocturnal bruxism or teeth grinding can benefit from a bite adjustment procedure or a nighttime mouth guard.

Major Interventions

Repairing diseased bone with synthetic or natural bone grafting sometimes is possible. Flap surgery is next-level deep cleaning because it involves cutting and pulling gum tissue back for scaling and root planning before reattaching it. Finally, implants and bridges can restore your smile if saving a tooth is not on the cards. There are various options for replacing missing teeth, which can be presented to you after carefully evaluating your case.

Vancouver Dental Specialty Clinic Can Fix It

Whatever the reason for your loose teeth, proper oral hygiene can help the situation, and good dental services can lay a solid foundation for you. Our clinic offers dental implants in Vancouver and is fully equipped for superior surgical and non-surgical treatment. Contact us today to make a booking.



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