Hypodontia or Genetically Missing Teeth

Hypodontia or Genetically Missing teeth

Hypodontia or Genetically Missing teeth

Hypodontia or Genetically Missing Teeth

Some people are born without certain teeth, and this condition is called hypodontia or congenitally missing teeth.

Hypodontia is a general term for when someone doesn’t naturally develop all of their teeth. It might be missing of one or more teeth. Depends on the number of missed teeth, patients with those missing teeth may suffer from an unfavorable appearance, periodontal disease, deficient jaw bone growth, reduced chewing ability, inarticulate pronunciation and other problems.

What are the most common congenital missing teeth?

Wisdom teeth, upper lateral incisors and second premolars/bicuspids

What are the treatment options for people with multiple missing teeth:

Dental Implants usually are considered as treatment of choice for such a case which is usually expensive or impossible due to insufficient bone quality for dental implant screw.

In most complex cases dental bridges can be successfully planned and utilized to replace the missing teeth. Dental bridges are more affordable and do not need advanced bone graft procedures which are needed for dental implants.

Due to the complexity of these cases, these people should look for a prosthodontist for appropriate diagnosis and treatment.




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