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5 Other Dental Bad Habits - Preventable Dental Conditions

5 Other Dental Bad Habits You Can End Today

To be honest, as a clinic that specializes in dental restorations we see far too many patients than we should need to. This is because many people end up in our chair from bad habits that span beyond typical poor oral hygiene. These other practices lead to damage to teeth and gums that cause significant

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Foods that Promote White Teeth

We recently penned an article about foods to avoid to get white teeth as a part of our ongoing series on how to improve dental health in your day to day life. While these “what to avoid” articles are insightful, you also want to know what you should be consuming to optimize dental wellness, aesthetics included. Today,

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What Foods to Avoid to Get White Teeth

What Foods to Avoid to Get White Teeth

People from all over Greater Vancouver come to our clinic for teeth whitening and after witnessing the success of combined clinic and home bleaching, want to do all they can to protect their bright and beautiful smile. We have provided a checklist of drinks to avoid for maintaining white teeth, and now we’re following up

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