Oral Health


Poor Oral Hygiene and Teeth Cleaning

Some serious medical conditions may cause bleeding gums, but the most frequent cause of bleeding gums is poor oral hygiene, which leads to gingivitis. Gingivitis means that the gums are inflamed, red, and bleed easily when touched as a result of plaque building up on the teeth. Proper cleaning of the teeth prevents gingivitis and

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Air-Flow Polish Therapy

VDSClinic is excited to offer our patients the latest in Air-Flow Polish Therapy! Air-Flow polishing is different than other well-known air polishing systems and offers benefits such as removal of stubborn stains that normal scalers can’t shift.   Air-Flow Therapy and Air-Flow Perio Powder are safe for tissue, enamel, root surfaces, ortho brackets, porcelain composite restorations,

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Receding Gums in Child

Receding Gums in Child – What Parents Need to Know

Cavities typically make up the primary concern for parents monitoring their child’s dental health. However, one ailment most commonly associated with adults over the age of 40 that may also rear its head beginning at around the age of 10, is gingival recession. And it’s not as far fetched as you may think, as within Greater Vancouver

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5 Other Dental Bad Habits - Preventable Dental Conditions

5 Other Dental Bad Habits You Can End Today

To be honest, as a clinic that specializes in dental restorations we see far too many patients than we should need to. This is because many people end up in our chair from bad habits that span beyond typical poor oral hygiene. These other practices lead to damage to teeth and gums that cause significant

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Other Causes of Receding Gums and Gum Recession

Other Causes of Receding Gums / Gum Recession

Gum recession (a condition which exposes the roots of your teeth) is one of the biggest smile killers, and its treatment is the most impactful among the five steps to improving the appearance of your gums. While the primary culprit for causing gingival recession is poor oral hygiene and subsequent gum disease, there are many

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General Dentist vs Specialist Vancouver Dental

General Dentist vs Specialist – Who Should You See?

While the public often uses “versus/vs” when comparing the services of general and specialized dentistry, we want to state that this is by no means a competition. General dentists are essential to oral health care and we have longstanding relationships with amazing practitioners across Greater Vancouver, those who often refer us to their own patients when

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How to Get Better Looking Gums Vancouver

How to Get Better Looking Gums

There are a lot of questions about how to improve the appearance of your teeth. Whether providing advice on which foods to eat for whiter teeth, or how to prevent cracked teeth, we’ve been there to answer them all. However, there are many of you who are concerned about the aesthetics of your gums, which

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How to Keep from Grinding Teeth

How to Keep Teeth From Grinding – What You Need to Know

Studies show that approximately 8 percent of adults and 14 percent of children in Canada grind their teeth at night. Then there those who do so out of habit and/or stress during waking hours, further adding to the prevalence of this condition across the nation. Many people are unaware of the fact that they grind or clench

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What Destroys Tooth Enamel - Causes of Tooth Enamel Erosion

What Destroys Tooth Enamel?

Tooth enamel is the the hardest, most highly mineralized (hydroxyapatite, a compound of calcium and phosphate) substance in your entire body. White to off-white in appearance, semi-translucent enamel forms the outermost and visible layer of each tooth and while it is partially responsible for the color of your teeth, it is absolutely essential to your overall dental

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